J-Dream Chapter 2 Release

J-Dream Chapter 2 Preview

Where does this kid get that much money…?

After almost 4 months of waiting… We have finally released chapter 2 of J-Dream! Took a lot longer than expected…

The chapters are going to be a lot shorter than the first one so we hope to get more out quicker than this.

This can be made possible if we can find some more help… 😥 especially for all the series we would like to pick up. We are mainly looking for TranslatorsCleaners & Typesetters. So if you are interested in helping out just email me at shibainuscans@live.com

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J-Dream – Chapter 1 ~ Our First Release


10,000 Yen is a serious matter…

We are happy to bring you the first chapter of J-Dream. Thanks to Manako for helping translate this chapter and series.

So this took longer than expected to finish. It’s a first long chapter. Don’t worry the other chapters aren’t as long, unless you like very long chapters that you might be slightly disappointed.

Currently this is our only series but we hope to bring you more…

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P.S. Chapter 2 is currently being worked on and should be released next month.

P.S.S. This series is a prequel to J-Dream Hishouhen.

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