J-Dream Chapter 2 Release

J-Dream Chapter 2 Preview

Where does this kid get that much money…?

After almost 4 months of waiting… We have finally released chapter 2 of J-Dream! Took a lot longer than expected…

The chapters are going to be a lot shorter than the first one so we hope to get more out quicker than this.

This can be made possible if we can find some more help… 😥 especially for all the series we would like to pick up. We are mainly looking for Translators, Cleaners & Typesetters. So if you are interested in helping out just email me at shibainuscans@live.com

Read It:

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2 thoughts on “J-Dream Chapter 2 Release

  1. a1oner April 27, 2013 at 10:34 PM Reply

    Hey guys, nice work, though I still have got to read it, tbh. I’m actually here to interest you in teaming up w/ us @HappyScans for a project/series called ‘Batsu & Teri’.


    We desperately need a translator for it, otherwise we should be able to handle everything else. I’m sure you’d love it, but then again… so just let me know what you guys think once you’ve mulled it over.

    Good luck to us both with our present and future endeavors alike! Keep at it, guys! And thanks for your time/consideration.

    • skribbles April 30, 2013 at 9:17 PM Reply

      Thanks for the offer, however at this time I’m not interested in that series. We also dont have any available translators to help out…

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